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About Pristine Can Cleaning

Who we are and what we can offer?

We are a North Carolina based trash company offering a service which protects your environment, your health, your aquifer and keeps your blue & green bins clean of bacteria, viruses, maggots, ants and plain old crud. 
Fully automated trucks, custom designed to clean your bins and never let a drop of contaminated water into our eco-system.
Remove any and all bacterium, viruses, maggots, disease-spreading insects, sludge, crud, battery acid, oil, and hazmat chemicals from your bins.
Eco-friendly cleaning ingredients certified by Green Seal and the other with removed waste-water.
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Choose from our three value-priced options below to best fit your household’s needs.
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+$10 additional cans


+$10 additional cans

One Time Cleaning

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Featured Services

We provide the residential and
commercial services!

Sparking Bins offers an inexpensive cost-effective solution to keep your bins clean and free of
toxins without polluting our water supplies or exposing our residents to toxic lingering chemicals.

For Individual Household

We offer affordable services we offer for individual household subscription.

For Residential Associations

We partner with HOAs to deliver our services to their residences. 

For Commercial/Businesses

We help local businesses keep their bins sparkling clean!

Why choose us?

Why do you need to keep
your trash bins pristine?

Your trash bins and recycle bins are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and can also retain toxic chemicals that's harmful not only for the environment but your family/employees health. 
How Did It All Start
Our Solution
How It Works

How Did It All Start

The founder John Conway observed that many Miami HOAs and gated communities residents push their trash and recycle bins out in the morning and return them at night. But, what you return is usually still pretty dirty, smelly and infested with all manner of germs and insects. Moreover,
when they wash the bins, the dirty water is not properly disposed of and just goes direct to the drains and into the aquifer.
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Our Solution

We realized that North Carolinians are faced with an ever-growing environmental and health problem like Miami and decided to start a trash bin cleaning service specializing in cleaning your trash & recycling bins and ensuring safety for everybody.
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How It Works

Mounted on the truck are two storage tanks—one with clean water and eco-friendly cleaning ingredients certified by Green Seal and the other with removed waste-water.
Each bin is checked for any remaining debris before cleaning. Any trash remaining in your bin is collected and bagged, then placed back into your trash bin after the cleaning process. The waste water is collected in the second tank and at the end of the day, taken to Black Point Marina where the water is then recycled safely back into the eco-system.
Any and all bacterium, viruses, maggots, disease-spreading insects, sludge, crud, battery acid, oil, hazmat chemicals and the like never make it into our water supplies.


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Who are we?
Pristine Can Cleaning is a 100% environmentally friendly service specializing in cleaning and sanitizing of dumpsters and dumpster pads, for Commercial & Condominium Associations.
Why use Pristine Can Cleaning Services?
Dumpsters become foul, even when trash bags are used to contain the garbage inside the dumpster. This can lead to increased health risks for business owners. 

The residue that builds up in the bottom of a dumpster is a breeding ground that can cause diseases, such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria.
Can I do the cleaning myself?
Manual cleaning of your dumpsters allow harmful bacteria to flow straight into storm drains, contaminating all bodies of water that it enters.

Just using a hose and broom to clean your dumpsters is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria and diseases that breed in your dumpsters. Also, there is no disputing that no one likes to go near a dumpster, especially during the hot summer months.

Water consumption is more than 15 times greater when done manually rather than using a professional high pressure system.
Why having a professional dumpster service is essential.
We all know that frequent cleaning is required to reduce the risk of biological infection. Take this knowledge a step further and apply this premise to your waste containers. 

A routine maintenance approach helps ensure your business properties are protected from common dangers.

Our curbside dumpster cleaning service is ideal, affordable and efficient. So why not protect your business from the hazards of bacterial and fungal commonly detected on, in and around dirty dumpsters.
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